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Monday, March 27, 2006

Using ring tones to block unwanted cell phone calls


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I don't have anything except my trusty Samsung t809 cell phone -- I relieved myself of the burden of having a landline at home. Although there are laws and regulations about calling cell phones, I still tend to get unwanted phone calls from companies who received my number due to me giving it to them. Usually it is not a nuisance other than getting phone calls when I really don't want to deal with them.

The Samsung t809 has let me optimize my phone so that I don't get bothered with these phone calls. What I've basically done is created my own silent ring tone -- a basic MP3 that is silence. You can download my file from this link and stick it on your phone's memory.

What I've done is use that silent ringtone for ALL calls -- it is my default ring tone. I've set my phone to only answer if I hit the answer button.

For calls I don't mind receiving at any time, I save the phone number as a telephone contact. Because the Samsung t809 cell phone lets you give all contacts (and groups) their own ring tone, I set the contact to either a group or a specific ringtone which has a sound to it.

When someone not in my contact list calls, the phone is silent playing the silence ringtone -- it doesn't even vibrate -- so I don't get bothered. When I check my phone I might have missed a call or two, and a quick check will show if it was someone I forgot to make a contact for (a quick 20 second fix) or someone who I didn't want to be bothered by.

If you use the t809 cell phone as your primary phone or only phone, you'll find this silence ring tone to your liking. Go ahead and give it a download and set it up as I described above and you'll find yourself more productive with less bothersome phone calls.

Feel free to discuss this article at my message forum linked here.


  • Hey that's not a bad idea. Being in an age where more and more are eliminating land lines, I see this as a great idea. Thanks for the tip!!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:04 AM  

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