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Friday, January 06, 2006

t809 dust problem continues


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This phone is like an iPod: nearly impossible to take apart to clean. Compressed air is a failure -- using a 5000psi compressed air bottle outputting 850psi I was unable to get the dust out. I was able to get it to clump a bit to one side, so my problem is "fixed" temporarily. Since the one day I jeans-pocketed the phone and got the dust, I haven't added any as the phone now stays in its satin-lined pocket. For those with dust problems, get a replacement phone and get yourself a nice satin-lining in your pocket ($5 from any good seamstress).

I've tried about 10 different tactics to get the dust out but none worked well. I even spoke with an engineering friend who specializes in static protection for equipment (he recommended trying to statically move the dust) and that didn't help at all.

I'm taking the phone to a relatively clean room at a local chip manufacturer in Illinois to see if we can take it apart with some experts -- hopefully I won't end up with a $350 piece of plastic. I'll take pictures if we end up getting it apart.

Again, my dust problem is no big deal at all, but for those who put the phone in any cloth pocket, it'll get really ugly really quickly. Be careful!

The PR Newsire released a nice run-down of all the Samsung phones, including the t809. It seems Samsung will have a bigger share of phones with new technology.


  • i called samsung support to see if they could resolve the dust problem. they wanted me to turn the phone in for 2-4 weeks so they could repair it. i wonder y i would do that since i paid good money to get it when it jus came out and i would have to continue to pay tmobile bills for that entire month they are fixing their mistake. besides that, i would be out of cell phone for a month. i told them i couldnt give up my phone....its my lifeline right now. this is so frustrating!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:32 PM  

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