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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Day 4: 3 day usage


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The first 3 days of using my t809 cell phone have been really enlightening in how powerful my h6315 used to be as well as how weak it was. I'm happier and more productive now with 2 devices than I was with one, but I find myself using the phone more than I had expected.

The built in WAP browser combined with Google's "PDA-izing" feature allows me to browse a considerable amount of news websites and blogs. Head to on your WAP browser, enter your search terms, and most links will be phone-downsized by Google. Very strong feature.

The Opera Mini browser doesn't seem to work with the t809 cell phone, unfortunately. This mini browser works with a myriad of phones already, and not working on the Samsung t809 is causing some concern for users. T-Mobile tech support is receiving a great flood of phone calls, and has learned that their standard response should be "Call Samsung" or "Call Opera." This is not the tech support department I am familiar with, and they need to come up with a better answer. I prefer "We're working on it."

According to the Phone Scoop forums, the problem seems to be all 3 companies. It seems the t809 won't run any Java midlet network apps that are unsigned by both the manufacturer and T-Mobile. Opera does't have a signed app, and no one at T-Mobile will admit to whether or not they'll help with this problem. Personally, I can overlook this shortcoming as I use my hx2495 PDA to browse the web. Many users don't want the added expense or weight of a second handheld, so I can understand their concern. People are already mentioning a class action lawsuit (I don't believe in lawsuits, so I would never join one), but I don't think it will come to that. This is a new phone and there are bound to be shortfalls.

Why would T-Mobile require a signed app? I can think of a few reasons. With phones and PDAs becoming more powerful every day, what are the chances of Java being a hole for hackers and spammers? Are they hoping to control the apps that can connect to the web to prevent even bigger problems down the line? Only time will tell.

One big peeve about the phone is the lack of a headphone jack. I looked for about 10 minutes before I realized the included stereo headphones have the proprietary charging port connection. Everyone tells me to just use bluetooth, but I like my old 1/8" stereo plug. If anyone knows of a decent bluetooth headset (one that works with the t809 would be nice), drop me a line. I'd also like to find the best way to broadcast my MP3s to my car stereo. Maybe I'll chop up my headphones and make a proprietary-connector-to-1/8"-stereo-jack so I can plug anything in. Hmm.

Calls to T-Mobile, visits to corporate deales, and visits to the cell phone accessories kiosks at the mall made me realize this phone IS new: there is no car charger yet! I also can't buy a spare battery or three, and no one has the phone cover yet locally either. I tend to dislike leather carriers as they add bulk, but this phone is so tiny I may want to cover it just so I don't misplace it.

The camera "overlays" are cute but a complete waste of space and code. I don't see anyone using them for more than a casual laugh once in a blue moon. I really don't like seeing software bloat coming to cell phones, but the t809 has such a peppy interface I guess I shouldn't be complaining.

3 days of service, over 500 anytime minutes used and over 300 megabytes of data transfered between my EDGE service and my PDA and laptop and not one hiccup. Haven't missed any calls, the ringer is the perfect volume and I've been stopped by people at least 5 times asking me what phone I have.

Time to start tinkering now.


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