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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Day 1: Samsung t809 Phone


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What a crazy weekend.

Last week, I broke my HP iPAQ h6315 Pocket PC Phone. The phone was my lifeblood -- I blogged from it, I read all my e-mail from it, and I browsed every website. While on business in Vegas, I broke the charging port straight out. Game over.

T-Mobile no longer offers the device, so I started my hunt for a solution. I can't wait 3 months for the new HTC Wizard (although I would!), so I needed something this weekend. A call to 611 (T-mobile's Customer Care number) and I was connected to a sales person who seemed to know his stuff. After talking about my dilemma, he recommended a Motorola v360 with a Pocket PC PDA connected via bluetooth.

I drove (1.5 hours!) to get the v360 from a T-Mobile corporate store. The guys (and gal) in the store were very helpful but not knowledgable on the bluetooth stack in the v360, so I paid my $149.99 and off I went (1.5 back home).

After 8 hours of trying to get the v360 to work with my laptop and my PDA, I gave up. 3 different techs at T-Mobile couldn't get them to pair up for anything but file sharing. Chicken and egg: no Internet, so I can't work on my PDA. No PDA so I can't get on the Internet. This morning I spoke with the Wireless Data Group and they confirmed the phone was wrong.

I drove all the way back to the store, and after nearly 3 hours, T-Mobile worked with me on taking back the v360 and I upgraded to the Samsung t809 for a little more cash. What a great company -- I have zero complaints about the system.

This blog will be my adventure in using the Samsung t809 phone. I'm one of the most powerful power users you will ever meet. I am mated the t809 phone up with an HP HX2495 Pocket PC PDA. This PPC has Windows Mobile 5.0 which supports Bluetooth Dial Up Networking. It isn't the latest and greatest but it is a late-2005 generation PDA.

My uses: connect to the web (using EDGE wireless and WiFi locally) to browse the web, send/recv e-mail, and post to my blogs and my forums. Keep track of all my billing. Keep track of all my calendar entries, contacts and more. Install AIM and MSN Messenger. Always be available.

If you have questions, ask away. If you have problems, tell me about them. I've had thousands of helpful responses on the web and I'd just like to give back.


  • Interesting story ... I also have the t809 with a t-mobile contract and have a couple of questions no one was able to answer so far.
    1) I would like to receive emails with the phone, not only text messages that tell me a new email has arrived in my inbox. Is there a way to have the email sent to the phone ?
    2) I would like to connect to the internet (bluetooth dial up) with my PDA (ipaq 4700) via the t809. I was hoping that this is covered with the t-zones but may not be ... what are the options ?

    It has been a bit frustrating to set up the phone, but for me it is also the first time.
    Thank you for your help

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:20 PM  

  • I, too, went from a 6315, which I cracked the screen on, to an iPaq, and first a razr, and now a T809. I had no problems connecting with my razr, but can't connect with the T809. Any settings on the T809 that I need to change, my connection keeps timing out, and disconnecting unexpectedly.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:57 PM  

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