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Saturday, December 24, 2005

Bluetooth Authorization


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I use the Bluetooth support on my Samsung t809 cell phone every day for various things -- I use it to wirelessly copy files, ringtones and images, wirelessly connect to the Internet (via EDGE/GPRS) and use a bluetooth headset.

If you don't authorize your devices, you'll be bothered with a prompt from the phone to accept the connection. I'm not as security conscious about my telephone data, so I don't mind permanently authorizing my other devices to the phone. I'm not sure of the long term security issues (I haven't looked into how easy it is to hack bluetooth), so definitely be cautious if you have sensitive data.

That warning being said, you can authorize any device (or all of them one at a time) by doing the following:

1. Make your first connection between phone and device as you normally would and confirm that it works. Use whatever bluetooth PIN that you want.
2. Select Menu -> Settings -> Bluetooth -> My Devices
3. Highlight the device you want to authorize
4. Click Options button
5. Click Authorize Device

You're done! Now you won't get the nag prompt every time you want to use your device.

This is just a common sense process that many bluetooth users are familiar with, but if you are new to bluetooth, or haven't read your manual, it should help save some time. I connect to the web with my PDA and my laptop probably 20-30 times per day, so authorizing my PDA and my laptop saves me that extra few seconds here and there, and I never have to remove my phone from my pocket.


  • could you possibly go into a bit more depth about the bluetooth functionality, as it pertains to the t809?

    at the moment, i have an io-gear bluetooth usb dongle, with its driver and software (widcomm, v3.0.1.96). i've never used any other pc bluetooth device, let alone other software variations, but i imagine their interface to the accessibility settings and services is standard enough.

    what confuses me, however, are the COM ports; from what i can tell, the COM ports only need to be configured for certain bluetooth phones/devices, but i really don't know. in any event, i briefly got the two ends to recognize each other, and even pair, but only briefly. i think in the process of configuring local services, i messed with the com settings.

    ugh. i really really want bluetooth to just be simple.

    thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide (to me, and anyone else as n00btastic as myself).


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:05 AM  

  • hey, i'm looking at buying the t809 but i need to know if i can use it as a modem for my laptop without bluetooth and if not, is there something out there for my laptop that gives it bluetooth capabilities. email's i appreciate it.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:16 PM  

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