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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

After Christmas update


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I received my first dust specks under my screen on my Samsung t809 yesterday. It was in my pocket in my jeans all day -- the first time it wasn't in my satin lined pocket of my jacket. We hit almost 45 degrees in Chicagoland so the jacket wasn't needed, and the dust appeared. This helps to confirm (slightly) that the dust may come from pocket use.

It doesn't bug me. The dust isn't visible (yet) when the screen is on, only when it is off. I'll be looking at ways to try to flush it out, but if it does get annoying I'll take the phone to T-Mobile and see what they can do. At this time, it is cosmetic, so I'm in no rush to replace it. I got screen dust specks with most of my PDAs (because of the hole in the stylus port).

I'm desperate for a second battery as I'm starting to abuse my phone's Bluetooth and EDGE connectivity. Yesterday I actually went into low battery disabled mode after hours and hours of web browsing from my PDA. Comparison shopping on the go is great, but a second battery is a must, even with a car charger.

I added a screen protector to my phone display -- the terrible ones you buy at Best Buy. They're fine for my phone, but just horrible for PDA use. They were on sale (slightly crushed box) for aound $7 for 12 pieces, so I'll go ahead and replace them as I need to. If anyone can recommend a DECENT screen protector, let me know. The one I use on my PDA is no longer manufacturered (I happened to have one left from a year ago that fit perfectly).


  • on another forum i read you can use compressed air in the upper left part of the phone to push the dust out. i'm getting my t809 by this wknd so we'll see how it goes

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:49 PM  

  • another good screen protector are the ones made for psp's

    By Anonymous luuski, at 2:29 AM  

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